Include your promotional item in the Official WMC Sample Sack. Delivered directly into the hands of WMC delegates, it's the fastest way to get a buzz going on your product or artist. Plan ahead and create a lasting impression!

May include: magazines, flyers, t-shirts, CDs, product samples or anything else imaginable.

Absolute Deadline: Friday, March 17th, 2017 before 6pm EST

Delivery of insert items will not be accepted prior to Monday, March 13th, 2017.

TO SAVE: Email

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Flyers Paper one sheet
(max size 8.5" x 11.693")
$882.00 $1,029.00 $1,102.00 $1,250.00 $1,470.00
Items / Brochure & Catalogs
$1,235.00 $1,441.00 $1,544.00 $1,750.00 $2,059.00
$2,012.00 $2,347.00 $2,514.00 $2,850.00 $3,353.00

Discount rates for artists and swag/specialty items

For details call marketing at (954) 563-4444 or email

  • Suggested Quantity: 1850
  • Maximum Size: 12" x 14"
  • Maximum Thickness: 1/2"

Please Note: Any material larger or thicker than these dimensions must be approved in advance. There will be an additional charge for oversized items and multiple items packaged together.

Material must be clearly labeled and delivered to:

Winter Music Conference
3450 NE 12th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
Phone: (954) 563-4444
ATTN: Sample Sack Inserts

Important Shipping Instructions: All insertion material must be sent in boxes or bundles light enough for one man to pick up. Shipper is responsible for all clearances, duties, taxes, shipping costs and must ensure that the shipment arrives at the address above prior to deadline.

Sniping Posters and Stickers Policy: Pursuant to Miami Beach City ordinance #99-3173 and 99-3191, sniping poster boards and posting stickers on any hotel or city property will be strictly prohibited. Any company whose stickers or posters are found on hotel premises or city property will be responsible for all fines and damages resulting from this activity. There will be no exceptions.

Stickers or items containing stickers will not be included in the WMC Sample Sack. Any such items sent will not be included and (unless a suitable replacement can be sent by the deadline) client will forfeit this opportunity without a refund. Unauthorized distribution of flyers and other promotional material will not be permitted on hotel property. We are taking every possible precaution to protect the integrity of WMC and to create a positive and productive environment for our delegates and sponsors. Please be mindful of this policy. Receipt of your sponsorship or registration verifies your acceptance and compliance with the above stated policy.