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Music Awards for the year 2014

1. Best Underground Dance Track:
2. Best Alternative/Indie Rock Dance Track:
3. Best Indie Dance Track:
4. Best Latin Dance Track:
5. Best House/Garage/Deep House Track:
6. Best R&B/Urban Dance Track:
7. Best Electro/Progressive House Track:
8. Best Rap/Hip Hop/Trap Dance Track:
9. Best Trance Track:
10. Best Dubstep/Drum & Bass Track:
11. Best Tech House/Techno Track:
12. Best Chillout/Lounge Track:
13. Best Commercial/Pop Dance Track:
14. Best Compilation or Full Length DJ Mix:

DJ Awards for the year 2014

15. Best Global DJ:
16. Best North American DJ:
17. Best European DJ:
18. Best Break-Through DJ:
19. Best EDM/Pop DJ:
20. Best Trance DJ:
21. Best House/Garage/Deep House DJ:
22. Best Indie Dance/Underground DJ:
23. Best Progressive House/Electro DJ:
24. Best Techno/Tech House DJ:
25. Best Dubstep/Drum & Bass DJ:
26. Best Hardstyle DJ:
27. Best Podcast or Radio Mixshow DJ:

Artist Awards for the year 2014

28. Best Artist (Solo):
29. Best Artist (Group):
30. Best Break-Through Artist (Solo):
31. Best Break-Through Artist (Group):
32. Best Full Length Studio Recording:
33. Best Featured Vocalist Performance - Title, Vocalist/Artist:
34. Best Music Video:
35. Best Producer:
36. Best Remixer:

Fan Favorites Awards for the year 2014

37. Best US Club:
38. Best Global Club:
39. Best Music Event - Event, Location:
40. Best Radio Station (Internet, Terrestrial, Satellite, App):
41. Best Music Media Resource (Online or Print):
42. Best Music App:
43. Best EDM/Dance Music Retailer:

Industry Awards for the year 2014

44. Best Global Music Label:
45. Best American Music Label:
46. Best Indie/Underground Music Label:
47. Best Music Label Promoter Or Exec In-House:
48. Best Independent Music Promotion/Marketing:
49. Best Promo Subscription Service/Music Pool:

Gear & Technology Awards for the year 2014

50. Best New Product of the Year:
51. Best Manufacturer of the Year:
52. Best Studio Product of the Year:
53. Best DJ Software:
54. Best Mixer:
55. Best DJ Controller:
56. Best Media Player:
57. Best Headphones: