WMC 2015 Schedule Event

Panel Information:

Date: March 28
Time: 3:00 PM
Room: Cavalier II
Ready Room: Baccarat II

Reckless Abandon: College Radio

The open format of college radio gives rise to a greenhouse of creative opportunities for pushing boundaries and nurturing innovation in music - while college radio jocks sift through an endless stream of submissions to shape the pioneering trends of tomorrow. College Radio Music Directors, Programmers and DJs get together and talk about shaping the sound of a station, how to represent your station to the industry and more. What is the future of College Radio? Why does College Radio matter? How to expand the scope of college radio to include multimedia. What does it mean to be an independent station? Learn about funding, respect and good will while retaining your stations key mission and voice. No question is too big, too small or off- limits for this panel!