WMC 2014 Schedule Event

Panel Information:

Date: March 24
Time: 1:30 PM
Room: A-209
Ready Room: A-102

LGBT Artists In EDM - Lesbians, Trans and Bears Oh MY!

This panel will examine issues faced by LGBT EDM performers in a world that was once dominated by queer glamour, but now caters to a straighter crowd. Topics include being out-and-proud or discreet, acceptance of transpeople, differences between gay and straight audiences, new diva allies, EDM trends in LGBT communities, using your platform to teach tolerance and acceptance paying it forward to the new younger LGBT artists and helping them with the obstacles they face. As well as the queer role on the future sounds of EDM and mainstream pop music. Please join this fabulous dais of open LGBT and LGBT friendly artists and music industry veterans in an en-gay-ging discussion.