WMC 2014 Schedule Event

Panel Information:

Date: March 26
Time: 12:00 PM
Room: B-211
Ready Room: A-101

Bridging The Gap: DJ & Live Musician

Come meet and speak with two accomplished musicians with over 30 collective years of live experience in assisting DJs in their pursuit of the perfect dance floor. Bopa King Carre, world class drummer/multi-percussionist and Gray Devio, Juilliard graduate/international electric violinist, have pioneered and perfected bridging the gap between the DJ and the live musician. Together with an exciting panel of DJs, songwriters and producers, they will present and discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls of the DJ/Musician interaction. Whether you've had good experiences performing with live musicians, bad experiences, or none at all, you won't want to miss this fun and insightful panel.