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Panelist Schedule:

I moved to New York CIty from Northern California in 2003, attended New York Stern School of Business and Marymount with a Bachelors in Business Administration. During school I worked in Real Estate Investment group. I have investments in several buildings on the Upper West Side. Furthermore, we have investments spread across Manhattan and the North East. After taking a step back from day to day operations, I still maintain investments in the New York City area. During this time, I "day traded", which is something that I had been doing since i had turned 18. I decided to take a internship to possible career at Smith Barney, where I learned a plethora of the trading world through an amazing mentor there. However, its during my time there, I got involved with a tequila company through an friend in 2008. As of 2010, I am now launching it from New York City. This project, is what really got me involved, and extremely passionate about. Having passion co-inside with what you do for work is something I had been looking for. Started by a life long friend from my hometown, he put in countless hours of hands on work, from the U.S. to Mexico. From the design of the bottle, perfecting the perfect blend of spice's, we meticulously perfected something I believe to be unique in very competitive market. Following the marketing strategy of a well known Vodka company, I have been "strategically" partnering with charities to album release parties. Having lived from the West to East Coast, I understand the importance of reaching people on a personal level and selling product through a networked connection. Final thought "Its the little things that create the big picture". I try to live not only my business strategy on that motto, but life as well.