WMC 2011 Schedule Panelist

Panelist Schedule:

Shamita Carriman Esq. is the Founder and Managing Partner of Carriman Law Group PLLC, an entertainment, intellecual property, and small business law firm based in New York. A former classical pianist who performed at Carnegie Hall during her youth, Ms. Carriman is now submerged into the modern music scene representing artists, bands, record labels, music schools, and music licensing companies through her law practice. She also serves as a Board of Directer and Co-General legal counsel for the not-for-profit organization "Women In Music," and contributes as a guest legal journalist for the music/technology website sonicscoop.com. Her clients involved in the dance/electronica/DJ scene include Chus & Ceballos, Golden Needle Records, Dither Down Records, and Dubspot DJ & Music Production School.