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There’s only one-way to officially introduce this special individual, a Musical Prodigy. Artistically known as MAFFIO, he’s a multi-talented musical artist and producer. Born as Carlos Ariel Peralta he’s an original native of the Dominican Republic. At a young age he intrinsically ventured into the world of music. Since then he’s attained the ability to manifest insatiable sounds with innovate rhythms. He’s a musical composer WHO’S work is a refreshing breath of air, capable of transcending a simple song into a musical masterpiece. Along his arduous journey, MAFFIO has earned the respect and admiration of everyone that crosses his path. His distinctive musical style provides a sense of hope for a non-complacent audience. MAFFIO has had several great teachers who have all helped him enhance his skills. However, the most influential person has been his father. Listening and watching his father play was his first encounter with music. Under his fathers’ tutelage, he began to play the piano. At the age of six, he captivated his school’s talent showcase by selecting to play the complicated piece, Fleur Di Lis by Beethoven. After a successful performance, he knew his life’s passion would be music. Thereafter, he continued to dedicate his time extensively to studying the origins and theories behind all existing musical instruments. He learned how to play as many instruments as possible, eventually becoming an autodidactic musician. MAFFIO’s broad range of musical knowledge and his own personal experiences have influenced his style and vision in music. He had a traditional Latino upbringing and grew up in the melting pot of NY City. This gave him the exposure to a diversity of music and bestowed him with an eclectic sense of musical insight. Surrounded with a multitude of cultures, his musical skills were only heightened and all these elements contributed to his ability to create a variety of music , ranging from techno, dancehall, Jazz, classical, hip-hop, R&B and an array of tropical music all of that with a distinctive touch. He’s been able to hone into developing and creating his own synergies between melodies and harmonies, which he phenomenally blends. MAFFIO’s compositions have an exceptional flare, which have caught the attention of many heavy weights in the industry. This composer’s dedication and persistent daily networking has slowly but surely granted him great opportunities. His musical productions have been featured on radio morning shows “El Vacilon de la Manana” (NY), “El show de Enrique y Joe” (FL) and the nationally syndicated “The Luis Jimenez Show”. MAFFIO has also worked with major and independent record labels like Sony, Machete (Universal Music Group), Chosen Few Emerald Entertainment, J&N Records, among many others. Recently, he musically produced the single “Mi Alma Se Muere”, which featured heavyweights Omega and Pitbull, and was positioned for 22 weeks on the Billboard Latin Rhythm and Tropical charts "Super Estrela", "Que buena tu ta" wich currently peaked the #2 spot on the Tropical charts on the billboards. MAFFIO also produced and was featured on the official latin remix version of “Boom Boom Pow”, by the Black Eyed Peas. The single is foreseen to be the hit dance single of summer 2009. Maffio is also releasing his summer hit single "Botellas En La Mesa". MAFFIO doesn’t believe he’s just been lucky; it’s quite the contrary he feels that he’s been diligently preparing himself for moments when opportunities arrive.