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For more than a decade, Leo Corson has brought world-class international talent to the United States to perform exclusive sets. He has been involved in the Southern California EDM scene since 1994. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he has been a DJ, producer, promoter and record storeowner. In 2007, Leo Corson decided to become a professional agent and established Corson Agency. His love for all things music and his vast experience with all facets of the EDM industry have allowed him to run a successful booking agency where working with both DJ/producers and event promoters and being able to understand their individual needs, allows him to truly excel. Soon after that in 2008, he founded Hard Dance Nation. Over the last four years, both companies have strived to bring fans the music they desire in their hometowns. With much collaboration domestically and internationally, both have become successful and trustworthy brands that continue to grow, as does the American EDM scene. Corson Agency has brought a harder edge to many primary, secondary and tertiary EDM markets across the United States. Hard Dance Nation strives to create a unique blend of international Hard Dance acts with favorite local talent. While we cannot predict the future of EDM, we do know one thing, music is ever evolving and fans always want something new and interesting with an amazing beat. Corson Agency and Hard Dance Nation strive to deliver exactly that.