WMC 2011 Schedule Panelist

Panelist Schedule:

Joey Batts started his music career in NY/NJ clubs in the late 70's as a DJ. After spinning for 15 plus years he headed out to Los Angeles. He was introduced to legendary promoter Joe Isgro while still spinning in the top Los Angeles Clubs like Tatou, Stringfellows, Roxbury and was offered a job from Mr Isgro. He then started producing dance remixes for Isgro's labels and label partners and soon became the V.P of Promotion for Raging Bull Records and eventually became the President of both Raging Bull Records and Private I Records. He recently moved back to NY and is presently the GM/V.P of Promotion for BIG Management with CEO Gary Salzman and Joe Koppie heading up the promotion and labels for their artists which include Chris Willis, Kaci Battaglia, Judy Torres, Emii, Sariah and producers like Tony Moran and Ray Roc.